Catalogue number Efficiency
Power [kW] Level of acoustic pressure
Work table
CAG1003 1400 155 / 1000 / 950 1 69 1000 / 700 235

A grinding table deducts the pollution coming from the grinding process of steel with manual grinding machines.

A grinding table with a dedusting system has its own filtering fan system. In order to use the table and protect the employee’s workplace it is enough to connect the table to an electrical power supply of 3x400V.

The table has a worktop with the dimensions 1000mm x 700mm, which can be made of wood or steel.

The standard equipment also features a wooden platform under the employee’s feet.

Acceptable loading for the table worktop is 70kg.

The table’s ergonomics allows a very comfortable usage and work. The table is i.e. equipped with a power supply socket for electrical grinding machines, a socket for pneumatic connection, shelves on sides for manual tools. The lamp installed above the table provides perfect lighting for the workplace.

During the grinding process, heavy dust falls to the grating and then down into the main drawer. Volatile fractions found  next to the vertical wall are sucked and cumulated in the filter.

A fan sucks air through the vertical wall and releases the air vertically upwards.

The tables can be assembled in sets, which allows a flexible adjustment to the work position conditions.

A grinding table with a dedusting system cannot be used for the filtration of aggressive chemical or explosive compounds.

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