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CleanAir Factory Sp. z o.o. is a company which has been separated from PAW Sp. z o.o company as separate establishment producing devices to dry dust filtration.

We have years of experience with more than 15 years of tradition in production of filters and devices to dust air filtration.

The company has its own engineering staff which allows them to design and produce devices, accomplish station and general filtration tasks and all kinds of technological dust extraction processes.

Innovative solutions and individual approach to building specialized welding extracts, dusters for tables for plasma and laser cutting place us among the leaders in the industry. We develop our products based on years of experience in working with our customers. We take into consideration as many observations and comments from our customers as possible. Therefore, our products are characterized by a more than average use, unprecedented in this type equipment ergonomics, ease-of-use not requiring unnecessary effort of human labor.

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What also makes them unique among others are high-performance materials and components used in their manufacture which translates into their long-term trouble-free operation. Big advantage for our customers are clearly lower current operating costs that translate into higher profits.< /span>

Together with us you will take care of clean air in your work facility which will have positive consequence on your and your employees' health. We look forward to our cooperation

Chairman of the Board
Janusz Andrzejuk


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