Motor power
Acoustic Pressure level
Acoustic Pressure level
Maximum expenditure
Maximum vacuum
EF05501 0,55 2810 230 80 76 1900 1500 23 0,64
EF05503 0,55 2850 3x400 80 76 1900 1500 23 0,64

Maximum air temperature must not exceed 50°C
Maximum dust displaced into air should not exceed 0.3g/m3

Key features:
  • High performance energy-efficient IE2 class motors
  • rotors welded of galvanically protected steel with zinc coating
  • Compact welded housing powder painted
  • Using frame - as mobile fan
  • Full adaptation to conditions including installation on a flange
    frame or on a mobile trolley
  • Applied voltage 230V or 3x400 V
  • Possible use of inverter to adjust the speed which
    saves the absorbed power.
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