Engine power
Accousitc pressure
Accousitc pressure
Pressure required
CP00901 0.09 230 70 64 0.55 - 0.60 120

Filter cleaner for filter cartridges is applicable where the pneumatic cleaning system is inefficient.

CleanPatron cleaning unit is designed to scrape patron cartridges wherever pulsed filters work in difficult conditions i.e. when there is a high load of dusty air on2 filtration surface. Such overload of filter cartridges and long period of their work leads to „deposit" of filter cartridges and filters flicking systems are not fully able to clean the cartridges

The device is designed to clean filter cartridges of dry, non-adhesive, chemically non-agressive and non-explosive dust. The device should also be used inside buildings.

CleanPatron cleaner is designed for thorough cleaning of patron cartridges of different diameters and lengths, also various installations of cartridges are not a problem.

It is ideal for dry powder paintshops where, when in case of a color change you need to change the filters too.

All you need to do to operate the device is to install cleaning filter cartridge in the cleaning unit slot, connect compressed air at a 6 bar pressure and vacuum cleaner to extracting nozzle or an extracting installation in order to receive compressed air energy created during cleaning. Finally, connect the 230V power supply. As of this time the device works unattended.

The time for cleaning cartridges depends on the process which they originate from and is about 40 minutes which corresponds to approximately ten full rotations of the cartridge cleaned.
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