Engine power
Accoustic pressure
Maximum expenditure
Maximum vacuum
CAB05501 0.55 230 69 1400 1200 96

Work station filter ventilation device CleanAir Basic in interior version is produced as mobile and intended to extract dusty air and to clean it of dry, non-adhesive, chemically non-agressive and non-explosive dust. CleanAir Basic is intended for workshops.

Application - in the metallurgical industry mainly for welding, grinding, and in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries when transferring free-flowing materials an by plastics processing.

The main filtering element is patron capacitive cartridge in pocket version. The device is equipped with an initial mesh cartridge and a final filter with filter fabric impregnated with activated carbon filter.

CleanAir-Basic filter is adapted for cooperation with one stationary wired extracting arm with Ř160mm and 2m range.

The maximum temperature of displaced air must not exceed 50°C.
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