Engine power
Acoustic Pressure level
Acoustic Pressure level
Maximum expenditure
Maximum vacuum
CA40003 4.0 3x400 73 69 5200 3100 920

Stationary patron CleanAir Filters 4000 in internal version are intended to extract dusty air and to clean it of dry, non-adhesive, chemically non-aggressive and non-explosive dust.

Filters are used in many dust extracting installations for many work stations and in general dust extracting installations and mainly in push - pull dust extracting systems.

Application - in the metallurgical industry mainly for welding, grinding, in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, with transferring free-flowing materials and plastics processing.

The main filtering elements are patron cartridges cleaned automatically with compressed air impulse. The devices have built-in expansion chamber which serves as a „sparks trap” protecting cartridges from direct contact with sparks. Filters work in a maintenance-free mode and a high-end controller with touch screen provides comfort of operation. The dust container on the bottom of the appliance has a pneumatic pressure system. In addition to the filters you can use inverters for performance adjustments and peripheral devices such as pre-separators, automatic precoating systems, air distribution chambers for winter-summer air.

Basic – basic version.
Silent – additionaly muted version for specific requirements.
Parallel combination of filters allows you to multiply performance.

The acoustic pressure measured with outer silencer.
Maximum temperature for displaced air must not exceed 50°C.
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